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weddings in Kefalonia

Paradise on earth, for nature lovers.
Kefalonia is the biggest island of the Ionian Sea and tops it up with a variety of scenery.
Infinite blue, beaches with gold sand or red sand, beaches with white pebbles and crystal-clear waters; immense greenery and a national park on the imponent Mount Aenos and the whimsical cave lake of Melissani to mention a few.
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weddings in Corfu

Green blushed island with turquoise waters, small bays hidden all around the coast and great history – that’s Corfu or Kerkira as the locals call it.

The city’s old town will enchant you, small narrow streets and friendly people who welcome every visitor plus exquisite cuisine are something to remember after your visit there. 


weddings in Santorini

Breathtaking Santorini stands proudly amongst the top wedding destinations worldwide.

The infinite blue of the sky and sea, combined with the white-washed buildings on the caldera cliffs will be the spectacular background of your wedding.

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weddings in Crete

Crete is the largest island in Greece and one of the largest in the Mediterranean Sea.

Located in the South of Greece, it has the best climate, with 9 months of sunshine, and an average sunshine duration of 7 hours per day!


weddings in Zakynthos

Located in the southern part of the Ionian Islands belongs to the most attractive and famous Greek Islands.

Not only the Shipwreck beach, which is the synonym of Zakynthos but also the Blue Caves, Turtle Island and the nesting area of huge turtles Caretta- Caretta are the symbols of Zakynthos. 

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weddings in Kos

A beauty of the Aegean Sea, the Greek island Kos belongs to Dodecanese Islands and it’s a relaxing destination, where you can craft your own holidays combined with a Greek wedding!

Offers an exclusive range of beaches, countless activities and many historical attractions.

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